What we need from you


We need AT LEAST 120' x50' of level, unencumbered space. This is equivalent to 18 parking spots X 2 spaces wide. This cannot be on a block bus, carpool, or fire lane and must be designated with cones, rope or another indicator.

Set Up and Break Down

Our Team will need 90 minutes for set up and 90 minutes for breakdown. This number can vary depending on the particular site.

Entry and Exit

The Mobile Workshop requires entrances/exits to be 110" wide and 15' tall that are completely free of obstructions (tree limbs, shrubbery, etc). If these conditions can't be met, the school is required to secure authorized assistance for traffic

Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop Space Needed

” I believe that our graduation rate has increased because we have given young people options and hope, and an understanding that they can fit in through an education path that will lead to a good paying job. I think this is what (Be Pro Be Proud) has done and this is a success story.


– Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson